Drainage - Erosion Control

Nature’s Supply Centre Drainage – Erosion Control in the Mableton & Smyrna, GA area

Nature’s Supply Center has the Drainage – Erosion Control products you need to make your project a success. Whether you are constructing a new retaining wall, replacing an old foundation drain, or building a French drain to move excess water off your lawn our professional staff can help you find the right solution for your landscape.

Made from high density polyethylene, our corrugated drain products are an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative for do-it-yourself landscapers or construction professionals alike.

Nature’s Supply Center stocks corrugated drain pipe in both solid and perforated varieties to suit your particular drainage need. Solid pipe is used to transport water from one point (like a gutter downspout or catch basin) to another point downhill while perforated drain pipe is used to either absorb or diffuse water over a large area. Typical applications for perforated pipe are retaining wall/foundation drains and French drains. In these situations surplus soil moisture is pulled into the pipe along its length and then carried to an area above grade where the water is allowed to exit.

In addition to corrugated pipe, we also carry landscape fabric that is used to ensure a long service life for your project. Used to separate soil from gravel, our non-woven fabrics are offered in several sizes to meet your needs. Our tough, durable 3.5 oz. landscape fabric is best known as an underpayment for wood mulch that helps to keep unwanted weeds from growing. But it is also equally well suited for use under your patio base gravel, and in any well planned drainage system. We use it to wrap completely around the entire drain pipe/gravel infill area of French drains to enhance longevity and performance. Similarly, it separates soil from the gravel substructure of patios and walkways to keep the area firm and stable over time.

For controlling surface erosion while your new lawn is growing, reinforced straw mats provide a secure growing area for new grass seedlings. A biodegradable mesh holds natural wheat straw in place to cover your seedbed and help prevent erosion. Our straw mats come in two weaves, and can be used on flat areas or slopes.