Frequently Asked Questions

Measurement Questions

What is a scoop of bulk material? A “scoop” refers to the large bucket on the machine that we load bulk materials with. We drive the machine into a pile of mulch or gravel and scoop up the materials and then dump them in your truck or trailer. The size of our scoop is one cubic yard.

What is a cubic yard? A cubic yard (“yard” in common terms) is a measurement that describes an area three feet long, three feet wide, and three feet deep. It is equal to 27 cubic feet. Check out our material calculator to help with your situation.

How many yards do I need? Check out the material calculator or figure one yard will cover roughly 100 square feet of area at about three inches deep. (This applies to mulch and small gravel. Larger size stone will have a lesser coverage.)

How do I measure my project area? If your area is mostly rectangular, then measure the long side in feet, and then the wide side in feet (for example: 13 feet long by 7 feet wide). If it’s a circle just measure from one side to the other right through the middle (ex.: 16 feet across). See this Wiki Measure-Square-Footage

How many tons are in a yard? That depends on the material in question. One yard of shredded mulch may only weigh 700 pounds whereas a cubic yard of gravel could be 2400 pounds. Using the Materials Calculator will help you figure out the appropriate quantity of material for your project.

Product Questions

What kind of dye is on the mulch? The brown, black, and red dyes applied to the hardwood mulches is a non-toxic colorant that is safe to handle.

Is your soil organic? Of course. Our Organic Plant Soil is composed of all natural native top soil, compost, and bark mulch fines with no synthetic additives. However, it is not certified organic by any agency due to the diversity of areas the materials are sourced from.

What do I put in my sinkhole? We recommend fill dirt to fill most of the area up to the last couple of inches. Then a layer of Organic Plant Soil on top to provide a suitable growing medium for sod grass or plants.

Is your fill dirt screened? Our fill dirt for sale by the yard is not screened. But we can deliver full tandem truck loads of screened fill dirt.

What kind of grass do I have? We can help you figure it out if you will send us some pictures or, better yet, bring in a sample of your healthy growing grass with roots attached.

What kind of sod grass should I use? That depends on your growing conditions and tolerance for work. See our “Sod Selector” for help.

How much is on a pallet of grass? Bermudagrass, Centipede, Fescue, and St. Augustine sod is typically sold in 504 square foot pallets. All of the Zoysia varieties are normally sold in 450 square foot pallets.

Delivery Questions

Do you deliver? We do deliver our bulk materials. Have a look at our delivery page for specifics on how to get your materials delivered.

How much does delivery cost? Call us to get an accurate delivery price.

Will your truck break my driveway? Probably not. If your driveway is currently in good condition, with no cracks or displaced concrete, then our single axle delivery trucks should not be a problem.

Can you drop my products where I want them? Please refer to the Deliveries page for more information. Everyone’s situation is different, but we do not guarantee any placement off of a flat paved surface.