natures supply centre sod image As a local sod supplier in Atlanta, we work with the best farms in Georgia. This ensures high quality grass. There is a certain simplicity that comes from being the best sod supplier in the area. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is our customers’ satisfaction and the quality of the grass we supply. Contact a Nature’s Supply professional today at 678-398-6788.

Sod Pricing
$185 pallet (covers 504 sq ft)
$115 half pallet
$1.75 per piece

$195 pallet (covers 504 sq ft)
$125 half pallet
$2.00 per piece

$195 pallet (covers 504 sq ft)
$125 half pallet
$2.00 per piece

St. Augustine
$335 pallet (covers 504 sq ft)

$265 pallet (covers 450 sq ft)
$160 half pallet
$2.25 per piece
We carry the following types of Zoysia:

Zeon Zoysia
$385 pallet (only sold by the pallet)

We have been delivering high quality sod in Atlanta for 11 years gaining experience working with landscapers and nurseries. Natures Supply Centre is ready to put our experience to work for you at your home or office. We stand behind our commitment to quality, and anything not exceeding standards is not accepted. From home lawns and gardens, to local parks, sports fields, and golf courses, our professional delivery has you covered.